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Twin Weighted Blanket Adult

This twin adult weighted blanket is perfect for those cold winter days or crisp spring evenings. The soft and warm glass beads provide a soft, warm feel to your cold body, while the weight and size of the blanket keep you feeling warm and comfortable. It's the perfect choice for any person who appreciate the winter season'somnia.

Best Twin Weighted Blanket Adult Comparison

This anxiety weight-filled blanket is for the one and only! Its 15" wide by 15" long, and it's made of heavy weight fabric. It's big enough to cover both your shoulders and your chest, but not so big that it gets in the way of your sleep. This blanket is perfect for those who are feeling overwhelmed or for those who need to do something to help soothe the anxiety of love and life.
this cool-weight blanket is perfect for the adult with a downy sleep stirrup. It is made of weighted down felt and has a 17-inch width. It is also covered in shams and motivates sleep with its adult-sized weight.
this is a 15lb. Heavy weight blanket made of 100% organic silk. It is twin adult weighted with a child's weight at the feet. The blanket is soft and cozy, reducing stress and anxiety. It is also soft to the touch and has a quilt-like texture.